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Nailed It! The Shape Of Your Nails May Reveal The Type Of Person You are!

Manicures are the birthright of every woman! In support of this, Buzzle brings you 4 types of manicures that every woman must absolutely know. We also have some cool designs for every type including those women with short nails! The popularity of the French manicure has spread to the feet in recent years, giving French pedicures their own category. A French pedicure is basically a classic pedicure or spa pedicure with the addition of painting thin white stripes on the tip of the toes followed by a sheer nude or pink color on the base of the nail.

There are also many choices when dressing the nail. With an airbrush manicure, an airbrush is used to create an artful design directly to the natural or artificial nail. The Canadian manicure resembles the French version, but is always done in the colors of the Canadian flag: red and white. The design is placed in a V” pattern rather than a rounded moon shape.

These are upgraded version of acrylic nails They are very durable and hence are preferred to those which are very fragile. Wearing these, nails give an amazingly smart look. The solar nails are also liked for their shinning and luster that is far more stunning than other types of fake nails.Users

One study by the Division of Dermatology at Georgia Regents University, published in JAMA Dermatology, found that while the amount of UV radiation produced by a nail-drying lamp during a single visit to a nail salon is not a serious concern, as few as eight visits may produce enough exposure to cause skin damage (depending on the lamp used).

Solar nails are the best option for the women who like to keep long nails but can not keep long nails due to different reasons. Sometimes, the women get their nail broken while they are growing. For this reason, they prefer using artificial nails on certain occasions. It has been found that artificial nails are not healthy. Along with this, most of the artificial nails do not give a natural look. This affects the overall personality of women using artificial long nails.

I saved the best for last. Men value having healthy feet just as much we do , and I commend every single dude I’ve spotted in a pedicure seat, blushing or not. A few have appeared embarrassed and even ashamed, but they always walked away with nice toes, massaged arches, and soft heels. Guys, there’s no shame in indulging foot care. If you’re athletic, constantly moving around at work or just wanting to look well-groomed, get a pedicure, and if you’re too nervous to go alone, ask a lady friend to accompany you. There’s no better feeling than walking around with soft, clean feet. You’ll see.

I have had acrylic nails for over 20 years with no noticeable negative effects. The trend is now for ‘gel’ nails but they must be removed each time which means more chemicals and processing, etc. I give my natural nails a breather for one to two months in the summer. Other than that time I use acrylics. They are strong and they last 2 to 3 weeks when done right. I’ve tried gels and don’t care for them as well. They are not as durable and not as strong, although they look nice and dry quickly.

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